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We have qualified and expert team to manage the whole system.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure maximal profit to each of our investors and keep possible risks to their investments at the lowest levels.


Funddom is a group of people all over the world who dream, believe and make it happen. The owner of the group is the people who are associated with this group. Based on the individual and people associated with the individual makes a group and their purchase of is equally distributed automatically by the software among the group as their income/profits. Software and it’s server is built in such a way with multi security layers and data of the individual is completely secure and restricted to the partner only Funddom Crowd-Funding platform that enables anyone to raise funds for healthcare, education, sports, disaster relief and other personal causes with great ease. Founded in 2017 by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs.Funddom Crowd Funding has pioneered the development of person to person giving in all over the world.


Everything we do has the commitment of a well trained and motivated team.


Focused on results we seek to raise the level of our customers.